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A phone message plays as you wake up in your hospital bed...but nothing is how it should be. Set in a mental ward, Sleepy Hollow is a horror themed 3D puzzle game that focuses heavily on sound.  Will you be able to find your way out, or will the noises in the dark find you first?

*Note: There are several audio puzzles in the game, so you must play with your audio turned on in order to complete the game. 

Game made by Foxy, Sen, Prestige, ddrosler, and Coin for Kindred Community Jam #4 with the theme: Don't be Afraid of the Dark.

Published 9 days ago
AuthorsFuchsilein, ddrosler
TagsHorror, Singleplayer


Sleepy Hollow.rar 72 MB


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Great game, very scary.


Good Game, Much Spoop.


it was fun but it does not support 4K well, the credits were in a small window


good but bugs